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Process-reliable 3D printing – components in the spotlight

Above all, 3D printing must be quick, precise and reliable. Which mechanical engineering components allow the beri-boy to meet these demands? Precision Coarse-thread spindles with clearance-free spindle nuts makes our proprietary "anti-backlash system" Double linear ball guides for optimum guidance stability Hotend with PID temperature control to +/-1° 32-bit activation with 0,9“ step motors and 1/128 micro-stepping Speed Printing speed [...]

The beri-boy printbed – special features

The printbed is an indispensable part of the 3D printing. Most important: Printing adhesion at different temperatures for different materials Distortion-free even at high temperatures Allowing for precise calibration Calibration of the 3D printbed The suspension of the printbed is achieved using the "Assmann three-point bearing". This principle is employed in optomechanics, for example for mirror supports. This type of suspension [...]

Service pack for the beri-boy

Service and support are essential topics in 3D printing. For a successful printing job, it is necessary to select the suitable material for the application and to retrieve the optimal settings from the printer memory. 3D printing is more complex than most people expect, since it requires a good interaction between hardware, software and control. FEINTECHNIK RITTMEYER and URBANMAKER - a strong [...]

3D printing filaments – properties and printing characteristics

The beri-boy 3D printer already allows you to process many of the prevalent industrial plastics in additive manufacturing (3D printing). This overview serves to clarify the properties of the respective materials and highlights the pros and cons. The beri-boy platform was designed to bring out the best in FFF procedures using hardware upgrades and software adjustments and to allow it to [...]

Replacing machine components with 3D-printed parts

The following example of an application is concerned with printed parts from our beri-boy filament printer. We were able to replace traditionally manufactured machine components by 3D-printed parts: Original version of the BERI.CO.CLEAN Partially printed version of the BERI.CO.CLEAN Housing with integrated functional elements   Support element 1 photocell Support element 2 photocell A FDM/FFF [...]