What were the reasons behind our design and construction of the beri-boy? A 3D printer that uses FDM/FFF technology requires an extensive development effort. This blog post gives tech-savy customers an overview of the technology behind the exceptional printing results of the beri-boy.

Why a delta printer? – The advantages of delta kinematics

In our opinion, the delta printing principle offers two decisive advantages. On the one hand, it allows for quick and dynamic movements because only a small mass needs to be displaced. In the delta printing principle only the hotend is displaced while the extruder is fixed in place. On the other hand, the displacement axes are oriented vertically, thereby creating a very weak horizontal oscillation inside the printer.

The combination of these two effects keep vibrations inside the machine to a minimum so that a high precision is attained. This requires an optimal alignment of the mechanics and the printbed must be positioned exactly at a 90° angle with respect to all three axes. If this is accomplished, then it is also possible to print high and slim parts with a very high precision.

Hotend, printbed and extruder

The components are decisive for good printing results but their interplay is even more important. We design our components with the objective of allowing for an optimal interaction between them:

beri-boy hotend

  • 2 high-performance heating elements

  • Liquid cooling

  • Thermal insulation

  • PID control for temperature precise to +/-1°

  • Coated nozzles

  • Simple assembly and disassembly

  • Use of different printing heads

  • Printing up to 300°C

beri-boy printbed

  • Fine adjustment using micrometer screws – allows easy leveling up to 1/100 mm

  • Premium printbed plate ensures material adhesion

  • High printbed temperature up to 150°C, thanks to a distortion-free three-point suspension

  • Minimum heat transfer thanks to the three-point suspension

  • Replaceable printbed

beri-boy extruder

  • Synchronous drive for conveyor pinions

  • Conveyor pinions can be replaced and adapted to filaments via pressure adjustment

  • Reliable material transport even for flexible filaments

When all parts work in harmony, the result will be an exceptional printing result. The beri-boy is well thought-out in all technological aspects and has been subjected to numerous practical trials. Still not convinced?

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