The printbed is an indispensable part of the 3D printing. Most important:

  • Printing adhesion at different temperatures for different materials

  • Distortion-free even at high temperatures

  • Allowing for precise calibration

Calibration of the 3D printbed

The suspension of the printbed is achieved using the “Assmann three-point bearing”. This principle is employed in optomechanics, for example for mirror supports. This type of suspension is extremely precise while also minimizing the contact area with other mechanical components. This largely avoids the undesirable transfer of heat to the printing frame, housing or base plate.

The leveling of the bed is achieved using three bearing points with mounting screws (mounting micrometers). The resolution of the micrometers amounts to 0.01 mm per scale tick. This allows for a defined fine adjustment to one hundredth of a millimeter at all three bearing points. The printbed can be adjusted to different nozzle lengths in a simple and quick manner and does not exhibit any clearance. The micrometer screws can be secured against accidental manipulation using locking screws.

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Distortion-free 3D printbed at high temperatures

The three-point bearing ensures a uniform distribution of the thermal expansion, thereby preventing a tensioning or bulging of the printing surface.

Removable 3D printing plate

If you ever need to replace the printing plate, e.g. for a specific filament, then you will find that our printing plate is removed and replaced with ease.

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Printing adhesion in 3D printing

We use the Filaprint plate from Filafarm as the standard bearing for our printbed. For this, we require a strong adhesion at the selected printing temperature in combination with the lowest possible adhesion at room temperature. We were able to obtain the best results using this plate. The final choice of the printing plate does, of course, rest with you as the customer.

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