Above all, 3D printing must be quick, precise and reliable. Which mechanical engineering components allow the beri-boy to meet these demands?


  • Coarse-thread spindles with clearance-free spindle nuts makes our proprietary “anti-backlash system”

  • Double linear ball guides for optimum guidance stability

  • Hotend with PID temperature control to +/-1°
  • 32-bit activation with 0,9“ step motors and 1/128 micro-stepping


  • Printing speed up to 150mm/s

  • Layer height freely selectable between 0,05 and 0,3 mm

  • Dynamic movements using weight-reduced components

  • Displacement speed of 400mm/s

  • Acceleration 3000 mm/s²


  • Closed printing chamber
  • Water cooling for process-reliable printing
  • Extruder with two synchronously driven conveyor pinions
  • Preset and optimized to certified industrial filaments
  • Development and production in our factory in Germany – secure and quick supply of spare parts

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