Service and support are essential topics in 3D printing. For a successful printing job, it is necessary to select the suitable material for the application and to retrieve the optimal settings from the printer memory. 3D printing is more complex than most people expect, since it requires a good interaction between hardware, software and control.

FEINTECHNIK RITTMEYER and URBANMAKER – a strong partnership for optimum service

Our service pack for the beri-boy includes both hardware and software components and is always part of the deal. Since our core competence focuses on all aspects of mechanical engineering in 3D printing, we have partnered with URBANMAKER (UM), a true service specialist when it comes to 3D printing. UM offers a broad spectrum of services and can also provide consultation where necessary. This way, you will always be able to obtain optimum results.

beri-boy service

  • Free phone support

  • Ticket system for written requests

  • Filament consultation service

  • Secured supply of spare parts

  • Expert consultation for software and hardware topics

  • No extra charge, everything is included in the purchase price

Service competence for 3D printing

The company URBANMAKER is a full-service provider for the 3D printing field. Consultation, planning, modeling and editing for scanning & printing are all covered by the team. As a competent partner with many years of experience in the field of 3D printing, UM can provide expert advice and support for customers in all aspects of product and process development.

We will never leave you out in the rain

If you are experiencing a problem, simply call our hotline or send us your request via email.